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1918 Cadillac Type 57 Victoria Coupe : Classic Cars

The history of the V-8 engine is long and while not unique to North America achieved its first, most notable and longest expression there where Cadillac was one of its earliest and easily its most notable and consistent adherent. After a brief dalliance with big fours Cadillac introduced its first V-8 in 1915, refining it in 1918 with the Type 57 with detachable cylinder heads. With this engine Cadillac fulfilled its marketing slogan 'The Standard of the World' retaining the precisely machined interchangeable parts that had earned it the Dewar Trophy and adding smooth, quiet, strong pulling power that enabled Cadillacs to handle the increasingly heavy closed coachwork favored by its demanding clientele. This 1918 Cadillac Type 57 Victoria Coupe was for many years in the General Motors Collection as an example of its type and Cadillac's evolution where it was maintained until its disposition in 2009. Presented in deep blue with black fenders and brown broadcloth upholstery and interior trim it has recently been thoroughly freshened including wet sanding and buffing the paint and repainting the wood spoke wheels in black to match the fenders, accented with silver hubs and rims. It has a great look and is presented consistently with Cadillac's outstanding reputation in the Teens and Twenties for the finest luxury automobiles.

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