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Lamborghini Veneno : Videos

Host : Shmee150

A world first, the Lamborghini Veneno LP750-4 takes to the track at Vallelunga near Rome in Italy. The Veneno being one of just three cars costing a gigantic €3 million released this year is seen for the very first time in full action although in rather poor weather conditions!

Initially in the pit lane, the Veneno's V12 roars before the car heads out onto the track where it's seen in action from a few vantage points, the noise it makes on flyby is awesome as you'd expect from Lamborghini's flagship hypercar.

This Veneno is the factory's own car, here taking perspective clients for the new Veneno Roadster around the track to fully experience how immense the car is. Each of the three customer Venenos will differentiate by wearing Red, White and Green striping to correspond to the national flag. Nine of the Roadsters are being built at a cost of €3.3 million a piece.

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