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Honda, Mercedes And Toyota, Lexus Win Resale Honors : News

Honda, Mercedes-Benz and the Toyota and Lexus brands picked up honors for building vehicles that are best at retaining their value after years of ownership.

Honda was named the top mainstream brand and Mercedes the top luxury brand in the annual Residual Value Awards by ALG.

Separately, for the third straight year, Toyota earned the best mainstream brand and Lexus was the highest-ranked luxury brand in the Resale Value Awards from Kelley Blue Book.

The report cards from the two leading forecasters of used-vehicle values were released today. ALG ranked 2014 model vehicles that are likely to retain the highest percentage of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price three years into the future, the length of a typical lease. Kelley uses a five-year measure, the typical period of ownership.

In Kelley’s rating, Toyota’s score rose 2.1 percentage points to 46.1 percent, meaning that Toyota brand vehicles are expected to retain an average of 46.1 percent of their sticker price after five years of ownership. Subaru ranked second among mainstream brands.

Lexus, Toyota Motor’s luxury brand, also improved about 2 percentage points, to 45.6 percent, ahead of No. 2 Audi.

The industry average for 2014 models was 39.7 percent.

In the ALG scorecard, Mercedes unseated Honda’s Acura brand to rank as the top premium marque, up from fifth last year. That marked the first time in seven years that the luxury crown didn’t go to a Japanese automaker.

Honda earned ALG’s top mainstream pick the second straight year.

The award stemmed from Honda’s “prudent use of incentives -- $1,000 lower than the mainstream average -- and low rental fleet penetration,” Larry Dominique, president of ALG, said in a statement. “These factors help maintain vehicle value, which tremendously benefits consumers.”

While it failed to win a top overall billing from ALG, Toyota led the industry with eight individual awards.

ALG used a new methodology this year in an effort to ensure that brands that rely more heavily on larger trucks and SUVs are not at a disadvantage.

“Trucks historically have lower residual value due to the work and abuse they endure, so manufacturers that have sold a high volume of trucks have been adversely affected in previous brand rankings,” ALG Vice President Eric Lyman said. “This new index is a better way to equally measure brands against each other, regardless of the segments in which they compete.”

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