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Early in January of 1961, the Studebaker-Packard Corporation Board of Directors selected Sherwood H. Egbert as the Corporation’s new President. At that time Egbert was the Executive Vice-President of the McCullough Corporation which had grown to a $70 million organization when he came to the attention of the Studebaker Board. At the time of his election, he was 41 years old. His appointment was effective on February 1, 1961.

Shortly after his appointment he was on a business trip to California when purchased all the automotive magazines he could find in O’Hara International Airport. Always restless and energetic he began to read and sketch his vision of a new automobile for the corporation. He had been charged by the Corporation’s Board to strengthen its position in the automobile business. When he returned from his trip he called famed industrial designer Raymond Loewy.

Loewy had designed cars for Studebaker in the past but was astounded at the clarity and advanced looks of Egbert’s drawings. Loewy was quoted as having said “I did not know the man, but I read him through the sketches he handed me. I knew then that Egbert had a natural flair for design. I knew then that I was working for a man whom I could respect for his good taste.”

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