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The Martini Mustang is Loud & Fast Art : Videos

Host : Petrolicious

For Steve Strope of Pure Vision, turning his idea into loud and fast art is something very few fabricators can dedicate themselves to. His concept was created from a "what if" moment, where he imagined Ford and Martini Racing teaming up to dominate rally races across Europe. Powered by a 1966 Ford/Lotus Indy Car motor, this fastback Mustang is serious business when it comes to performance. Much like a watchmaker who knows the purpose of each moving part, Steve's design signature can be found hidden in the car's details. As enthusiasts spend hours discovering new pieces crafted for his Mustang, Steve smiles from ear to ear and is envigorated to start his next project. Nothing has been left untouched and everything on this Mustang is meant to set your imagination on fire.

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