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Ford Mustang II : Classic Cars

The year 1974 marked the dawn of a new era for the Ford Mustang. The OPEC oil embargo, coupled with an uncertain economy, changed the way consumers viewed driving. As such, Ford was forced to return to the drawing board. Its goal: create a new Mustang that would be both fuel efficient and capable of passing newly introduced emissions standards.

Lee Iacocca, President of Ford Motor Company, latched on to the project, coined the “Mustang II”. When asked about the challenges he faced in creating a new Mustang, he said, “All the 1974 will have to be is one thing; it will have to be a little jewel.”Of course, Iacocca was no stranger to the Ford Mustang. He, along with a team of designers and engineers, had created the first Ford Mustang back in the early 1960s. His first goal was to create a car that would boost sales. Mustang sales had been on the decline for some time. He also wanted to create a vehicle that could conform to new federal standards, such as the one that mandated bumpers be able to withstand a 5 mph collision without damage to the vehicle.

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