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EDAG Light Car : Concept Cars

The electric 'light car sharing' vehicle by german engineering group edag (engineering and design ag) is a smartphone-integrated carsharing concept, on exhibition at geneva motor show 2012. The craft is designed to fill the niche of car-sharing expected to become increasingly popular: the availability of private, user-operated vehicles For rent by the hour or day.

With two side doors, the 'light car sharing' vehicle can seat up to six passengers at a single time, arranged in two rows of three foldable seats such that the rear passengers are facing the windowed double rear doors of the vehicle. The design focus of the car was on modularity and durability, permitting the exchange of rapidly worn parts like seats and battery, While letting each car itself endure for over ten years; and the barebones vehicle contains only an accelerator, brake, steering wheel, and lighting control lever, avoiding storage surfaces or trimming to maximize cleanliness.

Considered the most innovative feature of the 'light car sharing' is it system of led panels. Side and back lights display red when the car is 'rented' or occupied and green when it is available. Light projectors can display text like 'rent me' or demarcate 'safe' areas of entry into the craft; and the rear glass panel can be used either for advertising or decorative purposes, or display useful information via web syncing, such as the time and temperature.

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