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2013 Honda S660 : Concept Cars

The Honda S660 Concept hints at the new face of Honda as the automaker rolls out its lineup for the 2013 Tokyo Auto Show.

The S660 Concept, a minicar with a 0.66-liter engine, is designed with the Japan market in mind.

It features the so-called "Solid Wing Face," where the headlights merge with the grille.

Honda calls the concept "an open-top sports-type mini vehicle." The S660 Concept bears a striking resemblance to the Honda EV-STER Concept that debuted at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show. However, the latest concept features a traditional steering wheel, while the EV-STER sported twin joysticks.

The new Honda concept has been likened to the Honda Beat minicar as well, which featured a two-seat setup and side vents.

The upcoming Tokyo auto show will also be the setting for the world debut of the Honda N-WGN, the fourth model in the N Series of mini vehicles. The N Series is sold in Japan.

Honda also will display a version of the NSX sports car concept. U.S. consumers will probably do a double-take when they see the photos of the NSX, since it is wearing a Honda — not an Acura — badge. It is badged as a Honda in Japan because the Acura brand is not sold there.

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