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2006 Mercedes-Benz Recy : Concept Cars

The Mercedes-Benz RECY concept was an entrant in the 2006 LA Design Challenge which was based around the idea of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Recyclable wood, glass, alloys, and rubber could be used in the roadsters construction. To keep the occupants safe a high-strength frame and laminated wood shell are incorporated into the RECY's design.

The Mercedes-Benz RECY's design was inspired by Riva hand-crafted wooden yachts and high class eyewear.

The Mercedes-Benz RECY concept is 100% recyclable and created from sustainable resources, the RECY can be a continually renewable vehicle. Constantly "recycling itself", the high strength RECY frame would allow owners to maintain that portion of the vehicle while replacing those panels that may be damaged.

Powering the Mercedes-Benz RECY is a four-cylinder Blu-Tec biodiesel engine.

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