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1973 Porsche 911E Targa : Classic Cars

Early 911s embody a combination that is rare among collector cars today. They have unparalleled drivability and usability, especially when compared with other cars of the same vintage, but are also wholly evocative of a different era. There is a wholeness, cohesiveness, agility, and communicativeness that is only evident when they are driven, and it is no surprise that they have a fanatical following. For many years, however, they were just used cars, which makes finding genuinely solid examples very difficult today. All early 911’s have appreciated tremendously in recent years, with good solid cars seeing especially significant increases in value. The late cars (1972 and 1973), which are fitted with 2.4 liter engines, are very desirable, and represent the ultimate development of the original ‘long hood’ 911. The 911E was the middle model of the 911 line, featuring mechanical fuel injection for more power and drivability than the 911T, but a less peaky motor than the 911S. Indeed, despite a slight power disadvantage, the 911E was actually faster to 60mph than the 911S, thanks to its more flexible power delivery. The Targa was a unique and typically Porsche solution to the then current conception that convertibles would be legislated out of existence for the all important US market. They were able to take this inconvenient possibility and devise a functional and unusual solution that would eventually become iconic. With its heated glass rear window, fixed rollover hoop, and folding top that fit in the trunk, the Targa was a more practical, safer, and less disagreeable way to enjoy open air motoring.

This particular car was previously owned by Dewey Bartlett, the mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma before being acquired by its current owner, who owns a Porsche shop. The car had been used sparingly so he set about thoroughly servicing the car. He performed a valve adjustment, and changed the oil, plugs, cap, rotor, and ignition wires, and also cleaned the fuel injectors. He installed new oil lines and serviced the brakes with new fluid and soft brake lines. He also rebuilt the shift coupler and performed a variety of other small fixes to bring the car to its current excellent driving state.

The car is cosmetically attractive, having been resprayed in Signal Orange at some point in the past. The body is very straight and solid, and displays very good gaps and panel fit. The paintwork is attractive but does have some orange peel, light checking,and some chips on front facing surfaces from road use, some of which have been touched up. The car has the 911S appearance package including wider trims and steel 911S front bumper with spoiler. The metal trim is very nice throughout, with light surface scratches but strong overall presentation. The car has been fitted with European H4 headlamps, which are aesthetically and functionally superior to the standard US items. The lights and glass are generally very good, although one of the front turn signal lenses has hairline cracking.

The interior has a fresh appearance and has been updated with door panels, center console, and seats from a late SC or early Carrera 3.2. The carpets were recently redone as well, and are in excellent shape, as are the seats, door panels, and rear parcel shelf. The dashboard has a cover fitted and the instruments, switches, and controls are correct and in fine shape. The top is in excellent shape as well.

The engine compartment is very clean and correct in appearance. It is not spotlessly detailed, but well above average for a driver. The car retains its green fan shroud, which is correct for the 911E. The engine has been retrofitted with hydraulic chain tensioners to prevent the common tensioner failure that afflicts these early motors. The trunk is cosmetically nice and is correctly presented. The original carpets are present and intact, but are showing minor aging. The rubber seals are also showing some age. The car is equipped with both spare and jack, both of which are correct items for the car.

This is a fine opportunity to acquire a structurally excellent 911E which would be an ideal example to drive and enjoy. The recipient of much recent mechanical work, this example drives great and has a great body. It has no immediate needs and is ready to be enjoyed as is, but would also be an engaging car to own for someone seeking to return the car closer to its original specification.

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