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Our club has 10 active chapters located around the country. (Click HERE to see a list of our chapters.) As a member of a chapter you can get together with fellow Galaxie lovers many times a year. It is fun to go to shows as a group. Plus you can have picnics, do fund raisers for charities or just hang out at the local soda shop together. It is a blast for 10-20 Galaxies to all drive into a restaurant parking lot together. It is like putting on a mini-car show. We all know what it is like to drive an antique around and the comments and compliments we get doing so. That is one of the reasons we restore these cars for in the first place!

The Ford Galaxie Club has owners, lovers and enthusiasts, from around the world that are members of our club. And when I say around the world, I mean around the world. Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Neatherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, Iceland (yes, ICELAND!), Brazil, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Finland, Denmark, France, Italy, United Arab Emerites, Malaysia, West Indies, and Japan at this time. You become a member of an ELITE club with great members from all over the WORLD! (HI KRISTOFFER! Kristoffer is from Sweden and owns a very nice 1970 Galaxie convertible that takes up the whole road where he drives it. He stopped by to say hi when he and his father were visiting here in the states one afternoon.)

Our club is now in it's 25th year, having been founded in 1983 by Bill Barber from, Bremerton, Washington. Bill passed away in September of 2003 and we will always miss him. When Bill left the leadership of the club behind he had established a base of 539 active members after 13 years. Since then the club has grown to a base of close to 9000 members. Granted, that currently we don't have 9000 ACTIVE members, but we sure would like to have that many!

This Ford Galaxie Club of America web site offers links to hard to find parts for your Galaxie, model years from 1959 to 1974. We also encourage 1959 thru 1961 full sized Fairlanes to also join our effort. There is a navigation page to cruise this classic car club with lots of special features: a large photo gallery of almost every year and model Galaxie imaginable plus many links to other Galaxie related sites, technical information, passionate stories, esthetic art and much more ... Do you still need some more reasons to join?

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