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Mercedes Benz 450SEL 6.9 : Classic Cars

Five-hundred Americans will fork over a total of $19,500,000 for the pleasure of owning Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9s in the next twelve months and, presumably, each year thereafter, until Mr. Carter or his successor puts a stop to all such automotive hedonism. Except for the vagaries of international monetary fluctuations, the 6.9 might have made it to this country for $23,000 or so, but inflation, the strength of the Deutsche mark and the relative weakness of the dollar and everything else have combined to dictate that your own personal 6.9 sedan will cost you $38,230 f.o.b. New York. For your money, you’ll get, perhaps, the ultimate manifestation of the basic Daimler-Benz idea of how automobiles are supposed to be designed and built—the best Mercedes-Benz automobile ever sold.

That does not necessarily make it the best car in the world; not even the most luxurious. We have to call anything that has wheels and seats and a price of $40,000 a luxury car, but this Mercedes doesn’t offer a great deal of luxury for that kind of money. It is virtually indistinguishable from any other 450SEL, except for the 6.9 emblem and the wider wheels and tires, and there are no important interior clues, other than a strip of wood across the fascia, to set it apart from any other Mercedes-Benz. If I spent almost 40 grand for an automobile, I’m not sure I’d want it to look just like my neighbor’s 280S.

Be that as it may, however, and perhaps it never was, there was no speculation whatsoever involved in Daimler-Benz’s decision to market the 6.9 in America. The car is here because there was sufficient outcry from American dealers and customers to practically force the factory to import it, even though it can’t build enough for the European market where the car has been on sale for eighteen months. At a rate of 500 cars per annum, they’ll be sold as fast as they can get them off the boat and remove the cosmoline.

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