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Kia Soul'ster : Concept Cars

It's been three years since Kia pulled the wraps off its conceptual Soul'ster convertible truck at the 2009 Detroit Motor Show. Kia fueled some rumors at the time that it was considering a production version of the car but never followed up on it. Until today, that is.

Unexpectedly, in the press statement on the Track'ster Concept that's scheduled to debut at the Chicago Auto Show next week, Kia dropped the ball saying that the Soul’ster convertible is "currently under final assessment for production".

The Korean maker did not elaborate further but we assume that if it receives the green light, the Soul'ster should be on its way to the market very soon.

The original concept is a two-door mixture of convertible and pickup models with seating for four passengers. It features a shortened windshield for a more hunkered down appearance and is equipped with a two-piece removable top residing on a roll bar that provides additional protections for the occupants.

The production model would likely use the same engine lineup as the five-door Soul.

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