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Ferrari 365 Turin : Concept Cars

Makers of supercars often are in a rush to come out with concepts to entice buyers. But sometimes concepts are created by independent designers to for design study as is in the case of David Williams. The Australian based designer has come up with 365 Turin which will be used as a design study for a new supercar coming out of the Ferrari rank.

The creation is an aesthetically stylized supercar that is extremely low slung. Given by the pictures, the Ferrari 365 Turin is slung too low for a front or mid engine setup.

Moreover, the absence of air scoops and air outlets on top and rear end of the supercar concept would lead one to believe that the Ferrari Turin 365 is a proposal for study a futuristic electric model from the Italian supercar maker. However, in terms of futuristic supercar design, the Ferrari Turin 365 is one heck of a showstopper.

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