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2014 Jaguar C-X17 Concept : Concept Cars

Jaguar has been in a continuous change and improvement, delivering upgraded and sharper vehicles which have proven to gain a lot of popularity and success. The design featured now looks fresh and contemporary while the C-X16 and Project 7 concepts have been a total blast in the UK.

The fall event, Frankfurt Auto Show, will host the public unveiling of the latest designed and updated concept: C-X17. So, just a couple of day until we will know for should when exactly the drivers will be able to experience it on the road.

It seems that the first vehicle to receive the integrated C-X17 Concept is the company’s latest sedan which will actually be released at the beginning of 2014 and will also include the famous modular aluminum architecture which is also part of the new improvements and options.

Regarding the exterior design, the latest C-X17 concept is a lot inspired from the previously launched F-Type Roadster design which used to promote a lean, well proportioned overall line. One difference would be in the front, the new design featuring a pair of power bulges and an evident grille with stand out headlights. The inspiration for the grille and the headlights comes from the XJ sedan.

Inspiring from older design and reinvesting them is not really unfashionable but a great way to preserve tradition and promote specific, particular features of the brand which contributes to the fame it has gained.

The model presented in Frankfurt has a Caesium Blue Hue with gloss black window liners. It features 23 inch wheels designed with smooth shade of graphite grey.

Unfortunately, the company has not yet provided any details regarding the power figures of the latest C-X17 Concept but has clearly stated that the upcoming models will include a highly update engine range which will also include the most efficient fuel technologies ever used. What we know for sure is that the next sedan offered by Jaguar will be the first one to include four cylinder diesel and a petrol engine. This way, Jaguar will actually firstly reach 100g/CO2/km for the very first time.

We might also assume that inspired from the F-Type sports roadster, the new concept will also include a smooth and exclusive selection of V-6 engines.

The new C-X17 concept is a pioneer that will firstly use the all aluminum platform. This newly conceived architecture will be, of course, featured in the upcoming sedan that Jaguar is currently designing. Ascendable and modular, the new platform will provide Jaguar with a wider range of models and modifications, being able to produce many variants at the same time.

Main competitors of the Jaguar new concept are BMW X3 and Audi Q5. Although, this is nothing more than a concept, Jaguar has managed to expose the basic features and technologies that will be considered when design the upcoming models. And this is such a great strategy as the drivers will already know a lot of details by the time the vehicles will be released.

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