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2014 Equus Bass770 : Current Models

Meet the Equus Bass770, born from a passion for genuine 1960s and ‘70s muscle cars. It brings the best of both worlds with luxury and performance and ties it into one perfect 21st-century package. This is a brand-new muscle car complete with old-school styling.

Powering the heart of the beast is a handcrafted aluminum 6.2L supercharged V-8 capable of 640 hp and 605 lb-ft of torque mated to a rear-mounted 6-speed with a dual clutch. This car delivers power and still meets the toughest of emissions law requirements. The Equus sound is “characteristic to of 1960's and 1970's muscle cars” breathing easy at first until provoking that beastly growl.

The Equus Bass770 features an aluminum chassis designed to be light and agile with sharp handling. The engine sits in a mid-front position, which helps distribute weight evenly for sporty handling. It also features a long wheelbase and wide tracks for stability at any speed.

The body is also dressed to impress, covered with innovative aluminum sheet metal entirely lined with carbon fiber. This helps keep the body solid, but still keeps it lightweight and lively. Stopping power is provided by carbon ceramic Brembo brakes. When it comes to handling, the Bass770 features Magnetic Selective Ride Control, Performance Traction Management, Active Handling System, Traction Control and variable-ratio power steering.

If you are looking for a powerful daily driver, a car such as this would bring the thrill back into everyday endeavors. Forgetting something at the grocery store couldn’t be more fun.

Watch the video to see the Bass770 in action! Warning: You just might want to watch it more than once.

How much will one of these cost you? The fully-equipped 2014 Equus Bass770 is $250,000. For the fully-loaded version, you get complete black leather interior (Alcantara ceiling), air conditioning, GPS, radio with CD/DVD player, USB connector, tire pressure monitor, cruise control, airbags, and more.

The top dog Equus Bass770 BESPOKE will cost $300,000, where you will be accompanied by a dedicated designer during a personalization program. Equus has a worldwide network of fine craftsmen, artists and performance specialists to give you that unlimited power of your dream car while making it a once in a lifetime expericence.

The car can be ordered in many different exterior colors: Navy; Storm; Silver; White; Black; Red; Blue; Cream; Green; Burgundy. Interior options are almost endless with six different interior options (SERIES) available in many different color combinations. For a little bit more, you can enhance your fully equipped 2014 EQUUS BASS770 with elegant colorful interior SERIES, from $253,000 to $290,000.

Various options exist such as colored or chromed brake calipers, additional lamps, interior and/or exterior black chrome, engine cover, and hifi enhancement are available. Contact Equus for further details.

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