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2013 Citroen Cactus Concept : Concept Cars

This is the Citroën Cactus Concept, a car we previewed almost two weeks ago, which was then unveiled last week. Now, we have a full gallery of live images. You'll recall that Citroën opted to split its line, with the C-Line models like the C2, C3 and C4 being remodeled to play in the bottom of the market, and the DS models, like the DS3 and DS4, representing a more premium experience.

The Cactus is our first hint of the C-Line's future, as it will likely evolve into a production C3 or C4, considering its size. Powered by PSA's innovative Hybrid Air drivetrain, the Cactus pairs a small, gas-powered engine with compressed air and hydraulics to deliver over 94 miles per gallon without battery packs or electric motors. It's claimed that the system can cut down on urban fuel consumption by 45 percent.

Besides the powertrain, the most obvious talking point is the appearance of the Cactus. The Airbump system on all sides of the vehicle use soft, air-filled bladders to keep away the dings and scratches that come with commuting in our crowded urban world, while the floating roof adds to the airy feeling of the interior and is a great styling detail. We've got live images of the Cactus up top, while photos, a press release and a video from Citroën can be found above.

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