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Piloti has five different product lines that continue to grow providing a wide selection of footwear for everyone from the hard core racer to the casual car enthusiast who wants to be up to date with the latest style.

Race Professional—The Race Professional line is the “hard core” racing shoe used by some of racing’s greats such as Johnny O’Connell, Ron Fellows and Bob Bondurant. The line features our patented Roll Control™ heel, fire resistant DuPont NOMEX® lining and are reinforced on the lateral side of the right shoe for proper heel-and-toe downshifting. From a technical standpoint shoes in the Race Professional line are either FIA or SFI legal (check the website). In the case of our RSR and LMP shoes they are both SFI and FIA legal making them a prime choice for all you race car drivers out there.

Race Performance—The Race Performance line features all the same features of the Race Professional line including the fire resistant DuPont NOMEX® lining, however they are not SFI or FIA legal. This line is perfect for the driver who is looking for the heat protection from the NOMEX® lining, but doesn’t need a SFI or FIA shoe.

Touring—The Touring line was created to give enthusiasts an alternative to our line of fire-resistant shoes while retaining all the fit and performance for which Piloti is famous. The line combines leather, suede and mesh for comfort and style in and out of the car. The Touring line is on trend and looks great with a pair of jeans.

Lusso—The Lusso line combines high-performance, comfort, luxury and style in a line that can be worn to the office or a night out on the town while still maintaining superior performance with our patented Roll Control™ heel. With rich premium leathers and suede this is the line for the person who craves the latest in style and comfort.

Moto—The Moto line is COMING SOON! You asked for a casual motorcycle boot and we answered with the new Moto 800. The Moto 800 is a motorcycle boot that incorporates Piloti performance and comfort. This is the boot you can wear on the ride to the office and actually keep them on once you get there.

Piloti, which means “racing drivers” in Italian, has been a leading manufacturer of performance racing footwear and race inspired fashion athletic footwear since 1999. Founder and CEO Kevin A. Beard utilized his background in biomechanics and design to create the perfect racing shoe. Features such as the patented Racing Comfort™ Roll Control™ heel technology, Nomex® fire-resistant lining, reinforced heel and toe areas and double row stitching resulted in a race shoe that is comfortable, safe, stylish and confidence-inspiring. All of this technology, except for the Nomex® lining, is incorporated into Piloti’s Touring, Lusso and Moto product to provide consumers with the same experience outside the racing circuit. Whether on the track, the street, or the sidewalk, Piloti shoes provide unmatched control, comfort and style.

Piloti’s mission is to design and develop exciting, innovative footwear to increase driver performance in motorsports. Our unique developments in construction, biomechanics, and style provide racers and enthusiasts alike with authentic footwear reflecting their passion for car culture.

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