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Lamborghini Insecta : Concept Cars

The Lamborghini Insecta concept was created by Iulian Bumbu, a Romanian designer who in 2008 completed the Transportation Design Master Course with Alfa Romeo at the Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD) in Milan.

The Insecta concept, as the name suggests, was partially inspired by the world of insects. In particular the armored casings which protect beetles. Viewed from the top and the rear this organic influence is most apparent. And despite the fact that the common beetle shares little in common with the world of high performance supercars, the inspiration has been successfully translated and integrated into the overall design superbly. The concept manages to be fresh and interesting with angular yet sweeping lines which instantly identify the vehicle as a Lamborghini. The trademark scissor opening doors are an essential Lamborghini feature.

The dimensions of the Insecta concept are similar to that of the Lamborghini Gallardo, with the two sharing an identical overall length of 4300mm (169 inches). However the Insecta is lower and wider than the Gallardo with a slightly longer wheelbase. Powering the Insecta is the same 5.0 litre, V10 engine and drivetrain found in the Gallardo. The glass engine cover which seamlessly blends into the glass roof provides a clear view of the mid-mounted engine.

To help keep the weight down the bodywork of the Lamborghini Insecta is formed from carbon fibre. Some areas are left unpainted like the front air dam, sideskirts and rear valence and show of the bare carbon fibre weave. This feature also provides a nice contrast to the paintwork.

Inside the Lamborghini Insecta concept are a pair of deep bucket seats, a U-shaped sports steering wheel and a high center console which divides the passenger compartment in two.

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