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Kia Niro Concept : Concept Cars

Kia unveils the surprise that had already reserved for imminent Frankfurt . Little more than a week separates us from the big event and the Korean manufacturer unveils his letter conceptual: the KIA Niro Concept , a new conceptual bet by the segment B from the perspective prolific SUV .

Comes rival KIA for the Renault Captur , for the Peugeot 2008 . Comes bet KIA by a segment upward despite reaching conceptually, as you leave clear vertical opening doors, we could end up finding ourselves with this KIA Niro in the streets ... always enjoying a good reception this model conceptual brand booth in Frankfurt.

With a two-tone finish where the roof pitch black separates this from all of the body, something that reminds us to finish the Renault Captur , there is an SUV with a line quite elegant , this line broken only by the green accents and inherited daytime lights KIA cee'd pro_cee'd GT and GT . Regarding their mechanical or other technical detail KIA has reserved any advance, leaving pending its debut in Frankfurt.

KIA is looking for new segments where entering and 3 seem possible avenues through which to do so. On one hand, the segment of the SUV compact , the segment that presents candidacy with this KIA Concept Niro, but also with the KIA Provo . For another, it has also been talk of a supermini model, a segment esthete, a rival for the Mini and the Fiat 500 anticipated by the KIA CUB and finally, the possibility of finding a coupe, a sporty model that well be testing the KIA GT .

In Frankfurt we can see it live, probably also know more details of this bet KIA by the segment of the SUV compact finally do you see as a production model? From this it depends on the reception of this conceptual model.

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