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1987 Ferrari F40 i : Classic Cars

To celebrate 40 years of Ferrari, Enzo had his design team create a supercar that translated racing car technology to the road. Furthermore, it was built with only the most essential systems and in many regards is a supercar with functional simplicity. It was also the last car developed and built under Enzo Ferrari's direct supervision before he died.

Following the turbocharged successes in Formula One, the 288 GTO was Ferrari's first road-going turbocharged model in 1984. The F40 followed in its path and shared its longitudinal, mid-mounted, twin turbo-charged V8 configuration.

Power came from a large V8 engine that produced 478bhp and 426lb-ft torque.

Incorporating advanced composite materials, the F40 was very light. It used a Kevlar for the body which was integrated into a steel chassis. This body/chassis unit was fabricated by Scaglietti and finished at Ferrari's own factory.

The F40 shape was developed by Pininfarina to reduce frontal area, drag and lift. They also designed a lexan hood to reveal the twin-turbo V8 engine.

Keeping to the race theme, there was a sparse interior and no power assistance was offered for the brakes or the steering.

Soon after being released, initial production was increased to over 1300 examples for both America and Europe. The F40 generated a huge amount of publicity for the Ferrari and became an icon for Italian performance.

In many ways, it's impossible to overestimate the impact of Ferrari's F40 on the supercar scene in the '90s. It explored the limits of performance and what could be achieved. This ethos was extended and followed up by the F50 and 2002 Enzo.

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