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GM Saved $1b In 2012 With Its Recycling Strategies : News

GM reported it has managed to reach a revenue of $1 billion by reusing and recycling strategies in 2012.

The US automaker said that it is recycling 90% of its global manufacturing waste and has managed to create 105 landfill-free plants in the world, but that it plans to increase this number to 125 by the end of the decade. The waste reducing strategy in Russia, Thailand and India, includes replacing wooden pallets with plastic ones that can be reused, therefore saving 566 tons of waste. Paint processes and robots which have reduced the use of paint thinner have succeeded to save up to 200 tones at only two plants.

“Sustainability… can deliver revenue opportunities, cost savings and risk mitigation,” said GM chairman and chief executive Dan Akerson.

GM considers that all by-products can be marketable and reusable, that is why the automaker uses an electronic tracking system to recover the highest value possible. Using these sustainable strategies GM has reduced waste by 25 kg per vehicle since 2010. The company has also significantly reduced the use carbon emissions and energy, by 5% and 7% since 2010.

GM currently uses more than 60MW of solar, biomass energy and landfill gas at its plants, a push to reach a 125MW renewable energy target. The US automaker has six vehicles with some form of electrification on the roads, among which the Chevrolet Volt and the Spark EV.

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