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1928 Mercedes-Benz 680 S-Type Torpedo Roadster : Classic Cars

Soon after the merger of Mercedes and Benz, the two started developing the world's fastest sports cars and the Saoutchik Torpedo roadster is one of them. Fortunately, some customers had the great intuition to order Mercedes- Benz's finest chassis to send it to Saoutchik in Paris.

At the time Mercedes-Benz had their own Sindelfingen factory for producing bodywork which was generally superior to anything else on the market. Saoutchik was probably the only independent body builder that could rival the best from Mercedes.

In Paris, Jaques Saoutchik created easily his most striking pre-war car on the 680 S-type chassis. The design took advantage of the Type 680's low slung chassis and did without running boards. Furthermore a low windshield, tasteful chrome accents and a sophisticated disappearing top added dramatic effect to sporting character of the chassis.

Inside, these cars were crafted to include intricate wood appointments, a giant wood-rimmed Mercedes-Benz steering wheel and reptile-skin upholstery.

Originally Saoutchik bodied 18 Torpedo Roadsters, 12 on the 680 S-Type chassis and six rarer short-wheel-base verions on the SS-type chassis.

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